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What you Should DO when Cleaning Your House

House cleaning can be a very tedious and in some cases a complicated task to get it all done without loosing your whole weekend. We all would love to have a spotless house all the time, yet that takes effort and work and we cant afford that a lot of the time.


Well, don’t worry, we took it upon ourselves to get you the best info from the best maid who works for a renounced best cleaning service maid company in Montreal and here are some things that she has recommended to help make this task easier and less time consuming.


The Kitchen Cleaning


Start always with the appliances so that any dirt can fall to the floor and can be scooped up when the floor cleaning starts. Move in circular around the kitchen and use hot water to remove grease. Always soak the pans and any tough grease first while you finish some of the cleaning and get back to it and finalize the cleaning of them


the Sink: To sanitize the sink, use a safe, green disinfectant that can be harmless if it gets close to food. If your sink is stainless steel, you can use a toothbrush for the corners and spray at the end with mineral oil to prevent water buildup and deters mold.

Cleaning kitchen sink close-up

Stuck on Food:: Apply baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe on machines to remove stuck-on food. another trick is to spray over night with vinegar and let it soak.


Disinfect the garbage cans: To get rid of smelly cans and odors put some lemon, vinegar and spray the can with a disinfectant. You can also try some other harsher chemicals since this is not mandatory to be a safe product.


Use proper Floor cleaner: Use ma good wood cleaner is you are cleaning wood floors. You want something that is safe and wont harm wood. If you are cleaning carpet, then use some arm&hammer and vacuum the floor after that.


Use a Cloth: Use a cloth for dusting, you’ll be surprised how much dirt it will remove versus just a towel or a dust cleaner cloth. Also its reusable and wont cost a fortune.


Bathroom Cleaning


Soak the Shower Glass: Try some glass treatments to keep soapy scum off the glass and to protect it during the week. Some products also claim to rinse that off immediately which is not the case. Most of the time scrubbing will be needed.


Rinse the Toilet: Always rinse the dirt off the toilet and clean around edges and corners. The dirt accumulates a lot on corners and wiping alone might not always be the best cleaning solution.


Occasional Cleaning: While the kids are studying, try going into the washroom and wipe clean the sink, the tub, the glass door, toilet and mirrors.

Three lemons with leaves

Store items away: Store all items inside to have clarity and focus when cleaning. Clutter always looks horrible and a house appears cleaner when clutter is fixed.




Make the Bed: Always make the bed first so that the bedroom looks neat, if you need to change the cheats then even better to create a nice crispy clean effect.


De clutter The Space: Get rid of things you haven’t worn in more than 2 years and give it away to charity. Try to organize the ones left in a nice manner to create a nice effect in the bedroom.


House Cleaning


Put away Clutter: All wires and loose items, put them away, take a laundry basket with you and collect anything that doesn’t belong in its place and put away the stuff that does belong somewhere all at once.. don’t delay!

Make sure to place all items that need to go in the front entrance put them in a box or so.


Timing it and being efficient


If you find that some chores are taking a long time and you are unable to be efficient then break them into smaller chores that are manageable and find out which one is giving you the most problems. Perhaps hiring a cleaning service company is your best bet.